Available Dogs

Please note that MNSR does not operate a central shelter. Our dogs live in foster homes until they find their best and last homes. An application must be submitted and approved, prior to meeting any of our dogs. For information on how to adopt these wonderful dogs, please visit our How to Adopt page for a summary of the process and a link to the application.

Clicking on a picture below will take you to more detail about the Sheltie and explains the type of home that will best meet that Sheltie’s needs, and indicates if a fence is required, and whether the Sheltie can be placed with children, dogs or cats. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of the Shelties in our program, and that our priority is to meet the needs of the Shelties in our care.

Emma is a shy Sheltie and is wary of new people, places, and situations. If she is frightened, she can panic and bolt. She should be considered a flight risk. Her new home must have a secure fenced yard with direct access into/out of the house (no exceptions to this requirement). She needs a home that has experience with shy dogs, preferably Shelties. Emma has a chronic condition called Rhinitis that causes her nose to run. Oral steroids treat the Rhinitis, but it will likely return, requiring additional treatments. 
Emma has shown herself able to adapt and adjust both in her foster home and as a vacation foster. The personality beneath her shyness is delightful. She is 4 years old and very playful - enjoying indoor play sessions with the other dogs in her foster home. Emma is affectionate and seeks out contact and loves petting and being brushed. She has a happy, joyful nature that shows when she is running in the yard or following her foster people around the house.  Emma is easy to handle and care for.  She will make you smile and even laugh out loud! Click on Emma's photo to learn more about her.

Tyler is very shy and skittish. He will run for his hiding spot when a stranger is in his foster home. He is a very high flight risk and if he ever got scared and ran away, it's unlikely he would come to any human. He needs an adopter who has experience and patience with very shy dogs, preferably Shelties. His new home must have a secure fenced yard with no gaps and with direct access into/out of the house. There are no exceptions to this requirement. 

Tyler is 5 years old and weighs 25 pounds which is his ideal weight. He barks if someone comes to the door, and barks outside if there's something worth barking at. Tyler's foster mom can see he has a very sweet personality. He enjoys being near his foster mom and loves to be brushed. He likes to sleep on his back with his feet in the air. He enjoys being outside and laying in the yard.      Click on Tyler's photo to read more about him.

Brylee is a smart boy! He responds to 'sit down', 'lay down', 'shake hands', 'stay', and more. He loves human affection and will bond closely with his person. Brylee needs a special adopter who will help him lose weight and who can also work with a reactive dog.

Brylee is 5 years old and very overweight. He is a smaller Sheltie with petite features, and his ideal weight should be around 20 pounds. Currently he weighs over 30 pounds. He is in good health now, but if he doesn't lose weight it will take a toll eventually.   Click on Brylee's photo to read more about him.