14 Year Old Chauncy's Give to the Max Story

I know, I know, I'm not a Sheltie (though super cute, right?) If you live with a Sheltie long enough, you sort of become one. When MNSR learned that an incoming senior Sheltie had a brother in need, they immediately said they would take me, too! It meant the world to us that my sister and I could stay together. As a senior dog lacking in vet care, my vet care costs to get me healthy totaled $991.26. It was thanks to your generosity that MNSR could help both my sister and me. I have a very happy life with my forever family and now I help my mom with new foster Shelties! Please help MNSR to help more seniors like me-when you donate on or before November 16th, your donation will be matched! https://givemn.org/organization/minnesota-sheltie-rescue 
Thank you so much for your support! 
#GTMD17 GiveMN.org