Emma's Give to the Max Story

I came from a puppy mill where my life was spent producing puppies without receiving love or proper care. I am one of the lucky ones because I was rescued, and I now live with a very nice MNSR foster family who is showing me what love is! My vet costs to get me healthy: $2474 for the basics (spay, parasite screen, vaccinations, exam, bloodwork, dental), plus diagnosis/treatment for upper respiratory infection, tummy troubles and sinusitis. Can you help MNSR help more puppy mill survivors like me to have a better life? Double your donation today! https://givemn.org/organization/minnesota-sheltie-rescue

My mom says I'm "an excellent girl"! Joyful, relishing affection, learning all about toys, and I would REALLY like a playful friend! Read more about me at http://mnsheltierescue.org/available
Thank you for helping Shelties like Emma!