Brylee is a smart boy! He responds to ‘sit down’, ‘lay down’, ‘shake hands’, ‘stay’, and more. He loves human affection and will bond closely with his person. Brylee needs a special adopter who will help him lose weight and who also can work with a reactive dog.

Brylee is 5 years old and very overweight. He is a smaller Sheltie with petite features, and he should weigh around 20 pounds. Currently he weighs 36 pounds. He is in good health now but if he doesn’t lose weight it will take a toll eventually. He needs quality food, healthy snacks such as green beans and carrots, and a consistent exercise program. Brylee also has some reactivity issues.

• Brylee was surrendered by his previous owner because he does not like children.
• Brylee does not like cats, and likely never will.
• Brylee is fine with the other dog in his foster home and they sometimes play together. He may try to intimidate a timid dog and may react to dogs on the other side of the fence. He would be happy being someone's one & only.
• Brylee will bond quickly with his person and is very affectionate. He can be possessive of his person, and will bark at someone else who enters the room.
• Brylee has a strong herding instinct and will nip at legs and ankles of people leaving a room, he will charge at the door when leaving, and he will bark. Using a crate will mitigate the nipping and charging. He is doing great with learning to go to his crate.
• Brylee walks okay on a leash, but reacts to passing vehicles. He is getting better about this. He does not bark excessively or pull but definitely is interested and gets distracted when a car goes by. A positive trainer can help refocus Brylee's attention to his person instead of cars. He does respond positively to a little redirection. He goes on many walks with current foster home and even some short runs. Brylee has a good amount of energy and enjoys being active.
• Brylee is doing a good job of learning how to sit and be calm first before being taken outside.
• Brylee plays with toys, tug-o-war and some fetching.

Because he is so smart, we feel that the right person can help Brylee become the wonderful boy he was meant to be.

Other than being overweight, Brylee is in good health and he is neutered, current on vaccinations, heartworm tested and on heartworm preventative (during heartworm season), is microchipped, has been bathed and brushed, etc.
Brylee's adoption fee is $250.00