James was found in a farm field as an 8 week old puppy covered in mange. He spent the next few weeks in isolation as he recovered only to be welcomed with open arms by his new foster family. He never looked back.  He was very curious and was always willing to try new things.   I am pretty sure he thought I was nuts trying to get him to go outside and potty with all that white fluffy stuff on the ground.  He would much rather stay indoors on those days.  I see James doing Agility in the future.
Age: 5 months 
Size: 25 pounds and growing.  For a while there about a pound a week. 
Grooming: Did well for a nail trim, but would prefer not to have to take a bath. 
Temperament:  James is a very happy puppy always seeking out new adventures.  This past week he discovered paper towel rolls.   In his mind anything paper needs to be destroyed but thankfully not consumed. 
Fence:  James loves his fenced backyard.  Lots of room to play fetch.  Soon to be his favorite thing in the whole world.  Foster mom has agility equipment but has to put that way for the season.  For now he will have to practice indoors.  
Dogs:  James is a puppy and loves to torment his older foster sisters.  His foster sisters think differently about him being there.  James for whatever reason ignores their warning signals and continues to annoy the heck out of them.    His foster sister Panda plays with him but tires out a bit more quickly than this newcomer.  
Cats: James is curious of cats, but has not shown any distrust or disgust for them.  
Kids:  James has not been around kids in his foster home.  He may not respect their boundaries just yet. Still very much a puppy.  Loves to grab shoe laces, zipper pulls, toes and fingers. 
Crate-trained:  He is fed in his crate and sleeps there during the day.  He eats his food like it is his last meal.  I stuff 3 Kong toys with dry kibble and top it off with a little peanut butter so when he eats he is able to take an occasional breath between gulps.  At night he sometimes sleeps with his foster mom, close enough so that when he wakes he is promptly taken outside to potty.  
House–trained:   Only a handful of accidents since he was 12 weeks old.   He waits nicely at the door when asked if he need to go outside.   We are using “go potty” and “do your business” for cues.  He is watched very closely indoors, so might not understand that going potty inside is wrong just yet.  
Obedience training:  Currently enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten.  We were able to walk up and down stairs, along a board, thru a tunnel and even sit on a bucket, all on his first try. He has very little fear of new things so I suspect he would be a good agility dog. 
Leash Manners:  Walks nicely in front on the leash.  Pulls only a bit at the start of our walks. We have not done any heeling yet. He is too busy exploring all the new sights and sounds.   He will sit nicely when asked before we cross the street.  
Car rides:  He rides in a crate quietly.  But does not like to be there too long. 


Activity Level:  High.  Possibly a Border Collie cross.  That is all that needs to be said. 
Barking:   Average.   Not too bad at all. 
Health Issues:  None that we are aware of. 
Experienced Home:  Must love Border Collies…….and a mix of other breeds not yet identified.