14 Year Old Chauncy's Give to the Max Story

I know, I know, I'm not a Sheltie (though super cute, right?) If you live with a Sheltie long enough, you sort of become one. When MNSR learned that an incoming senior Sheltie had a brother in need, they immediately said they would take me, too! It meant the world to us that my sister and I could stay together. As a senior dog lacking in vet care, my vet care costs to get me healthy totaled $991.26. It was thanks to your generosity that MNSR could help both my sister and me. I have a very happy life with my forever family and now I help my mom with new foster Shelties!

9 Year Old Franny's Give to the Max Story

I came from a place where I had litter after litter, but I didn't have any love or proper care. Severe obesity led to damage to my front legs and feet which made it painful to walk. Fortunately my life changed when MNSR rescued me! They provided me with the vet care I needed to be healthier, and foster mom helped me to lose weight and showed me kindness. I now have a wonderful family ️who give me all the attention and LOVE I had been missing, and they are committed to my care! My vet costs: $1658.37 for standard vet care, nutritional consult for safe weight loss, dental, and X-rays.


Sweet Suzy was all smiles when she found her forever family! Her new Sheltie sister, Sissy, quickly became her best friend. Suzy loved going for walks, rolling in snow, watching for squirrels and blowing leaves, and doing yoga with mom in the morning. After Sissy crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Suzy assumed the role of big sister to MNSR Sheltie Wally. "We bid farewell to our beloved Suzy Dog, our beautiful, sweet, joyful, quirky, funny, spirited, Sheltie girl, November 8th, 2017. Less than a month ago she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer.