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13 Year Old Sophie's Story

Sweet Sophie recently came back to MNSR when her adoptive family could no longer care for her. Senior Shelties may have underlying health issues so we do a thorough evaluation to make sure we address health issues so our foster dogs are comfortable. Diagnostics show Sophie has kidney disease with protein-losing nephropathy and she had a dental with 5 extractions. Her vet costs to date: $986.92. Sophie is such a good girl and what a LOVE! ️Please help us to help more senior Shelties like Sophie - your donation today through November 16th is doubled!

12 Year Old Maggie's Give to the Max Story

This dear girl lost her home and family when they moved to assisted living. Maggie is in long-term care with a wonderful foster couple with lots of time and love for a special Sheltie because she has been diagnosed with kidney disease with protein-losing nephropathy and she has a small mass. We are fortunate to have loving foster families who help older dogs and dogs with health issues.

Sweetpea's Give to the Max Story

Sweetpea was rescued from horrendous conditions at a breeding facility, amidst garbage and skeletons of deceased animals. Thanks to your help on Give to the Max last year, MNSR could address her extensive veterinary needs. Sweetpea's vet costs to get her healthy: $1125.00, including 15 dental extractions. Sweetpea has deeply bonded with her forever family and loves her daily walks!

Teddy's Give to the Max Story

I was so scared when I came to MNSR, too scared to even move. MNSR has special foster homes for Shelties like me, where we are given time to feel safe and begin to trust, and then they work with us to build our confidence. My foster family could see that other dogs help me to feel safe, so they found the PERFECT home for me with an experienced Sheltie family and a playful Sheltie brother. My teeth were bad when I came into rescue so I needed an extensive dental. My vet costs to get me healthy: $1626.54. Will you help MNSR help more scared Shelties like me?