12 Year Old Sky's Give to the Max Story

What a dear boy! Sky came to us when his dad moved to a nursing home. Sky's vet costs to date: $1000+ for gingivectomy, 14 dental extractions, treatment for hypothyroidism, respiratory infection, ear infection, pressure sores from lying on hard surface, biopsy, and X-rays and meds for musculoskeletal issues. Sky is deaf and is learning sign language - so smart! Please help us to help more Shelties with special needs - your donation today is matched by key sponsors! 

Sky's foster family says Sky is a schmoozer with the neighbors - human and canine. He hops and play bows when he wants to play with his foster sister, it's very cute! He's such a charmer! Read more about him:http://www.mnsheltierescue.org/available