Rainbow Bridge Memories

This page is dedicated in loving memory to the MNSR alumni who found their forever families and are now waiting for us at the Bridge. 

Rainbow Bridge Stories

When Davey went missing from his foster home in 2006, a team of volunteers came to his aid to search and rescue him. One of his "team" fell in love with him and became his forever mom and protector. As Davey grew to feel safe and began to trust, his wonderful personality emerged, and he even found his Sheltie voice as he grew older. He formed a special bond with his canine sisters over the years, and very sadly, he has followed them to the Rainbow Bridge now. We are comforted to know that he had many happy years of love with his family. "He was such a kind, gentle little man. I miss his cute little smile." October 8, 2017

Monte joined his forever family in 2006 and loved to play fetch and chase the squirrels. Even as he grew older, he still enjoyed his daily long walks with his family. Monte peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 20th, 2017 at age 16 1/2. "His happy attitude enriched our lives for more than 11 years. We gave him a good life and he gave us so much more over the years."

Beautiful Becca found her forever home with a loving family who had lots of affection for her and time to spend with her. Becca loved to go for walks around the lake, andd took her job as house seciruty seriously. Becca crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September, 2017 and her sweet, gentle spirit is so missed.

Sunny fit into his forever family immediately, and they felt as though he had always been part of the family, the perfect match. Sunny loved meeting people and animals on walks, such a happy, friendly and loving boy. His family loved and cherished him dearly. Sadly, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September, 2017. "Sunny was an amazing blessing in our lives. We miss him every day."