Rainbow Bridge Memories

This page is dedicated in loving memory to the MNSR alumni who found their forever families and are now waiting for us at the Bridge. 

Rainbow Bridge Stories

Little Doolittle came to me scared and shy, with bad shoulders from living in a kennel 24/7 for the first 7 years of his life! He leaned against my leg with his foot on my foot and we bonded from there. We got him healthy and strong and he lived large! He was such a kind, gentle and accepting soul; he loved everyone. All my customers at work fell in love with him. He had quite the fan base! When we considered adopting a second Sheltie, I told Doolittle we wanted to give her a chance at a good life like we did for him. I told him he wasn't being pushed aside and he would always get first pet, first kiss, first treat and first love. He gave me 3 kisses and I took that as a Yes. He gave Dori her space to adjust and then took her under his wing and showed her how to be a Sheltie! He was the best big brother ever! Thanks to MNSR I had the most beautiful soul I've ever had the good fortune of being with! Doolittle was my sun, my moon, my world and my universe! June 8, 2017

After fending for himself on his own, Dexter was so happy to become the pampered dog of a couple who adored animals. Dexter enjoyed watching over his large fenced yard, sounding the bark alert, and caring for his feline siblings. Due to the very good care from his family, Dexter had good quality of life while living with health issues for several years. He is deeply missed. June 1, 2017

Ajay was a happy, active boy who was thrilled to have all the love and attention from his wonderful family. Ajay was especially happy when he was at the cabin with them and could go fishing with his dad. When his dad passed, Ajay was a great comfort to his mom. Ajay is now back in his dad's arms at the Rainbow Bridge. May 30, 2017

Billy joined his loving forever family in 2007. They worked through some challenges in the beginning that helped Billy to understand that he was loved, understood, and that this truly was forever. Billy was his mom's dog; wherever she was, that was where he wanted to be. He enjoyed his daily walks, and if you were one of his "chosen" people, he would back up so you could scratch him. Billy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 29th, 2017 and is very missed by his beloved mom.