Success Stories

These lucky dogs have found their forever families.

Sippi (was Zippy) has been adopted by a loving woman who provides a great home for her Shelties. Sippi joins resident Sheltie Trip, who has shown he is perfectly happy to share affection and kibble with Sippi. Their mom will go above and beyond for Sippi and Trip. Adopted 7/1/15.

Lucky Brixter joins a forever family where he will have lots of attention from not only humans, but other critters as well! Brixter's new siblings include two human girls, critter siblings are two Dalmations, a Sheltie, chickens and ducks. Brixter has already been accepted as part of the pack, engaging in playtime with his Sheltie sister. The family has experience with rescue dogs and a great love for animals. Brixter has been showing off his Sheltie smarts by opening a drawer on command and helping himself to the blanket inside- it won't be long before his Sheltie sister catches on to that trick too! Adopted 6/24/15.

Beckham has found happiness with his forever family! Beckham is the third MNSR Sheltie for this family. They were looking for a pal for MNSR alum Jefferson, and these two have a blast playing their Sheltie chase games! Beckham was unsure when he came to rescue, but he seems to know this is home and is enjoying his cuddle time and hearing what a good boy he is. Beckham woofs a big thanks to his foster families who helped him gain skills to feel more confident. Adopted 6/17/15.   

Sadi waited patiently for the right home. When her new dad walked into the foster home to meet her she walked right up to him without any hesitation - Sadi knows a good person when she meets him! Now she lives in a home on a lake and gets three long walks a day. She's a little overweight and looking forward to a new healthy lifestyle with help from her people. She sits at her new mom's feet to get the attention she so deserves. Sadi and her retired mom and dad are happily settling in. Adopted 6/8/15.  See more cute pix of Sadi at: